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Important Matters...
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Important Issue on Medicaid and Medicare...

Dear Friend,
I am sure that all of you are aware of some of the horror stories of our older Americans and Medicaid patients who have been refused treatment by thousands of doctors across the United States.
There are many excuses as to why they don't participate.  Some are legitimate, but most are not. They claim that there is too much paperwork and bureaucracy and that they do not receive enough compensation from either system.  There are some grounds here that must be worked out on BOTH sides, but who is doing anything about it?
I have a daughter who is on Social Security Disability and Medicare, plus Share of Cost Medicaid to cover her bills.  She has been referred to several doctors who have either absolutely refused to see her at all, or if they do, they take only the Medicare payment, and send her threatening letters to collect the balance and Absolutely refuse to accept her Medicaid. This has resulted in accounts being referred to the Credit Bureau and her credit rating being damaged because of this refusal on the part of the doctor.   I feel this is discrimination  against the elderly and poor and disabled.
The reason I am sending this letter is to get this problem addressed by all our state representatives, and to do this I have put the link on the bottom of this letter to all the state representatives across the nation.   I would ask you all to send this letter to everyone on your email list so that they may all participate in this outcry for any revisions that must be made by the doctors and by the Medicare and Medicaid programs across this great country of ours.
When these doctors took the Hippocratic oath, they swore to "Do no harm" and by not providing the proper medical care to the elderly and the poor, they are certainly doing a lot of harm!
Here is the link to the page which will tell you who your state representative is, and their link to send correspondence to!
or  if you have your link feature disabled.
Judith Labriola