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Kissed by Winter Bees...

Snowfakes slowly twirl 
and whisper down 
to cover up 
all outside 
in white 

Like bees 
dressed in white 
they dance, 
never disturbing 
the sound of 

Ever so soft they 
snuggle down, 
to wrap the world 
in a cozy blanket, 
made of fluffy wool 
and stuffed with 
frozen feathers. 

Like a constant fall 
of angelic tears, 
almost weightless 
on frozen wings, 
they glide down, 
at the mercy of 
a soft evening breeze. 

Little crystal eyes 
mirror and reflect 
the eveninglight, 
brightening the sky, 
slowing down dusk, 
the night. 

I sense your presence 
next to me and 
while I gently slide 
my arm around 
your shoulder, 
I feel your's slide 
around my waist... 

I love you... 

Kissed by white bees 
we hear a distant jingle, 
like the sound of falling, 
crystal frozen, 
angelic tears... 

copyright 2/01
 PHJ Kok

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