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"Weep Not For Me"

  Weep not for me.
   For I have trod this planet with some pride.
  I saw the desert sunsets
   And topped the pine green mountains in one stride.
  Unwound the road beneath me;
   Tumbled in the clouds
  And on the sea.

  Weep not for me.
   I turned this earthís black richness with my plough,
  Caused a sea of waving green to grow
   And proudly followed herds of shiny cows.
  With my own hand I cleared the land
   To till the fertile soil.
  I fed the teeming millions
   Taking pleasure in my toil.

  Weep not for me.
   Just remember that I strived to be a friend
  I cried against the cruelty
   That seems to have no end
  And tried to value honesty
   With courtesy in blend.

  Weep not for me.
   For I have found and wed a loving wife
  Who stood four square beside me,
   Halving all the cares of a farmerís life.
  Who mothered both our children,
   With firmness and with love
  When I look into her eyes
   I thank the Gods above.

 David Henry    5/11/98.

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