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You Are a Vixen, Autumn...

You are a vixen, Autumn,
hovering above treetops,
blowing tempting kisses 
that tint green leaves
into shades of red, yellow,
orange and brown.
With such gentle fingers, 
you pluck life so swiftly ,
and the breezes from your 
swirling dance seduces
each sturdy leaf and makes 
them tumble to the ground

Oh Autumn, I have heard your
sighs of passion, as your
breath strips each branch,
pausing only to press your 
sultry kiss to all things 
which now must die,
your moaning cries I hear
as your undulations bring
summer to an end, and then
off you go, 
a tease right to the end...

copyright April 2002
Judith Anne Labriola


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