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You Touch Me...

Artwork by Duncan

                            I like to look at you
                            asleep on your side, face
                            cradled by down soft pillow.
                            I like to read
                            you like a poem, slowly
                            attending to the detailed
                            lines about the eyes
                            slipping under lids, lips
                            pursed as if about to kiss.

                            In this, your nightly cruise,
                            you take leave
                            from port of day’s
                            forgotten words meeting
                            off course to sail along
                            the sea of dark
                            through strings of island stars,
                            at the masthead bearing on
                            toward sun about to be

                            I like to see you stir
                            when into the small
                            cupped petal of your ear
                            my whisper drifts:
                            Touch me, touch me.
                            I like to watch you rise
                            as if some foreign tongue
                            you once spoke came
                            suddenly back to you, watch
                            you fix a course across
                            the sheeted light
                            onto the continent
                            of my body.

                           (c) Andrena Zawinski

                           (You Touch Me appeared in Passionate
                           Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual Love, anthology)   

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