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Winner of Euphoria's 2008 Poetry Contest

About Toni Giarnese...

Toni Giarnese "lives with her sweetheart of thirty-seven
years in New Hartford Connecticut, far from her humble
Italian roots. She went to school every year of her life
as both student and teacher, and was equally challenged,
terrified and humbled.

Of late, however, she coaxes blooms from her flowers,
tinkers with kitchen gadgets and socializes in sweaty

Recently she took a class with some guy named Lary Bloom.
Now she is a writer and is currently working on her next
author biography and she also won First Place for her
human interest entry in the Erma Bombeck Writing Contest.

We were touched with her ability to achieve so much
with so few words! She knows the secret of gaining rapt
attention to her subject.

Below is the link to her Winning Poem

In 1898

In 1898:

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