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Until Time's End...

Artwork by Riemerschmid
Midi is "The Wedding Song"

                            Seek shelter with me
                            I shall love you
                            til time draws to an end

                            We shall inhabit
                            that space
                            where life's travels
                            into one.

                            We shall listen
                            as wild oceans roar,
                            planets explode,
                            silent winds blow

                            Moons shall rise above us,
                            then plunge
                            through meteor-shattered skies
                            as distant voices
                            relate  stories of old

                            Cup my hand to your ear
                            A seashell, it becomes.

                            Do you hear?
                            My heart drums out
                            its own tale of love
                            All about you
                            Ever about you.


                            Pris Campbell
                            Copyright 4/19/2001

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