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"There Now"

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"There now," As seasons finally disassociate themselves from tired veins, as an encumbered memory struggles to grasp faded impressions, and as a ceiling turns into a mirror to become confessor and arbitrator, "There now." Let peace finally restore itself. Let unfulfilled hope’s - hang, on glazed edges of obscurity, now focus only on what was. "There now." Let faint rumblings of youth echo on scattered hinges of vision, and unspoken words mingle on a placid sea of treasured names. Then, as anxiety falls from your frame to slip silently away, discard all regrets still left wanting, for now is your time to become as one, and merge with past days of glory. Those days of smiles and laughter shared with glowing hearts and gentle touch always yearned for. "There now….there now." (c) Mick Goodson

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