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The Black...

Within the mysteries of the black above
Lifeís existence is not easily defined from afar 
Starlights that twinkle could direct or misguide 
The path thatís neither here nor anywhere in sight
Celestial marbles with all their splendid colors 
Glow in this spacious vacuum with no sign of life
A universal movement made with splendor and grace
Adorned and displayed with many lights in place
The black has conceded, to reign through out all 
It inverts, twirls and soars into a consuming black hole
Comets leave a trail of fire as they flash through out the black
Meteorites reveal their ugly faces on their way to fight
A suicide mission is ready to deploy a direct attack
The targets are many and this battle will be won
This ocean of obscurity, where lifeís mysteries are bound
Millions and billions of stars and planets 
All move to the same galactic sound
Radiant galaxies display their colors in the distant dark
The Milky Way illuminates its presence near neighboring stars
It searches for answers and life on the other side 
Silence has rendered this universal quest a dismal goodbye
Time and eternity are in perpetual motion, they will never meet
Infinity is still looking for an end, it cannot see
Within the movement of space, distance and time
No eyes have seen the full scale of all thatís alive 
The Watcher sits on His throne and beholds 
The existence of the black and the start of the unborn

Albee Rodney 
Sept 1, 2003

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