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It's Not Easy Being Me...

Artwork by Redon
Midi is It's Not Easy

I woke up today
and stretched out my hand
to catch the sun
to hold a flower

I held up my head
and looked at the sky
so blue up above
I thought of your eyes
so filled with love

I remembered the day
you made me your wife
I remember you told me
it was for the rest of my life

The tears fill my eyes
my heart nearly dies
knowing your words
were only lies.

You took all the good
and turned it to bad
you took  all the happy
and turned it to sad

Now I'm alone
but happy at last
knowing what's mine
will stay while I last

I stretch in the sun
and know I am free
Light as  a feather
that drifts on the breeze

No more to expect
what cannot be found
I'm just a gal
with her feet on the ground

copyright June 2002
Judith Anne Labriola

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