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"A Summer Without Rain"

Artwork by Watts
Midi Song-Strawberry Wine

"A Summer Without Rain...

What of a summer without rain
when the air's so still you can
sense the earth's heartbeat and 
its pain,

and life's so drained there are 
no more tears left to cry,
when the emptiness inside makes 
you want to die.
I've felt like this in years
gone by, 
but now hope has dwindled
and no one hears me sigh.

and drying leaves and wrinkled 
brows seem the same somehow, 
and your love is something I 
can't live without.

When my life's moving past
the far side of the moon,
when it's only June and I've 
no more prayers to pray,

guess I'll just go ...away.

copyright February 2000
Judith Anne Labriola

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