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~Submissions Information~

When you visit each link, scroll to submissions information
and be sure to follow all instructions for type of poetry, any
genre they require, length, and read other submissions so you 
can get a feel for what type of poetry they may or
may not be YOUR type of poetry.  Better to do this first, so 
don't get an automatic turndown for not submitting what they 
are looking for.  You get a knack for it after a while, and
earn NOT to spin your wheels by submitting to the wrong  people 
 You will get turndowns, but you will also get published...just 
keep trying and LEARN to accept constructive criticism. Of course
NO ONE likes the other kind, but better to walk away from insulting
people than is too short to do that.  

I will be adding to this list as we go along...and if you have any
to suggest, please let me know!

Good Luck to you all...Judi

Index of Places to submit poetry...

Cortland Review...:
Poetry Machine...:
Witness (new poetry and fiction):
The NY City, Poetry in Motion Contest...:
The Poetry Page...:

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