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And the Winner is...Carol L. Skolnick

It is with pleasure that I announce that the winner of "Euphoria's" Annual Poetry Contest for 2001 is Carol L. Skolnick.

Carol's writings have appeared in magazines (Glamour, The Sun, DM News, The English Journal, AKC Gazette), in anthologies (Kay Allenbaugh's Chocolate for Women series, published by Simon & Schuster), and on the web (, Writer Online, MillenniumSHIFT and elsewhere). She is an essayist, humorist, sometime poet and would-be performance artist. As mistress of her own web domain,, Carol explores various spiritual scenes, practices, teachers and perspectives with a sharp eye and edgy humor.

It was difficult making a choice this year, because there were many applicants of exceptional talent, but the judges all agreed that Carol's poem had that special quality that wins contests!

"Our Old Place"
Carol L. Skolnick's Winning Poem
Carol L. Skolnick's Web Page
Eclectic Spirituality
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