The Sign...

my words cannot descibe
the wonder i behold
it makes it difficult
to get my story told

rainbows in kaleidoscope
demons are always near
to the left or the right,
to what direction do i veer

squirrels at my feet
with a deer that looks at me
the crows come to visit
and they ask what i see

purples and pinks are 
the colors which i describe
fairies fly in legion and 
they offer me a bribe

for one day i can alter 
this mortal body of mine
if i look closely i will
be able to discover the sign

leading me to splendor 
and deeper understanding
why mortals cling to wealth
and are too demanding

my answer comes with 
the rolling sound of thunder
put down mortal things
and surrender unto wonder

 jcherr 08/05/2005

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