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Serenity is not easy to come 
by in a chaotic world.
We live, love, laugh, and
try to do our best. 
We fall, skin our souls,
get up and try again.
Fate taunts us, tears at our
making life so difficult.

Daily, we encounter new 
experiences that test our
mental stamina.
We learn to live with our 
dilemnas, never doubting that
there are lessons to be learned,
for much wisdom is found in pain.

It is so easy to blame others,
difficult to accept what we
cannot change,
almost impossible to love what
we do not understand.

Love that springs from the soul
is the most perfect kind of all.
It has no need of assurance from 
the flesh,and thrives only from 
the kindness of an understanding 
This kind of love survives all 
storms,serves all needs,
breaks no laws.
This is the kind of love that lasts 

Know it for what it is, 
embrace it,
live with it in your heart,
for it is yours.

copyright January 1998
Judith Anne Labriola

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