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"Variations on the Seine"

sullen leaves and banked branches 
sculpt silhouettes in blue 
backlit by wet mist, suspended 
in transparencies of dreams 
just over the water's surface. 

from spaces within powdered light,
shapes are scarcely visible; 
trees fade into themselves 
in variables of blueness. 

as the sun melts the daybreak
into yellow reflection, honeyed haze
lulls in lazy rays dappling tips 
of the rivers' waves. 

green-brown depths plunge into
liquid shadow. moneted day 
strokes coolness, unclear 
in watery pools. 

mounded mist births clouds
of white wisps between the turning trees.
one stray beam weaves light 
through sylvan shawl, 
severing the slips of fall
into blankets that cover 
the river with gold.

(c) Cynthia D'Adamo

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