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About Alan Reynolds...

Alan was Born in Asheville, North Carolina and graduated from Duke University. He has lived in North Carolina, The Panama Canal Zone, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, England and currently, the Netherlands where he writes poetry and works as a consultant to management concerning information technology and information itself.

Alan's wife, Catharina is a talented artist whose work is in private collections in England, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and the Netherlands. To see more of her work, please click on the link to her web page! I have used her artwork to display Alan's poetry...they fit together like hand and glove! I could have used nothing else that would have complemented his work so well.

Poetry Index...

Sedated Sedan Sojurn:
On Watching the Harbour Freeze:
A Clear Misunderstanding:

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Email Alan for information on how to order his new CD by clicking on picture below!

In addition to hosting exhibitions of renowned and upcoming artists and sculptors, Peter Crofton Sleigh has an active interest in citing and reciting fine poetry from Shakespeare through Lewis Carroll, Dylan Thomas and T.S. Eliot to include work by current poets. This interest, which has persisted from childhood with improvements on the London stage, led a few years ago to his selecting and recording The Crofton Sleigh Collection of poetry by Alan Reynolds. In a new collaboration, he has now produced the CD Peter Crofton Sleigh Reads Poems by Alan Reynolds which is on sale in the Galeria and which can also be purchased for delivery by post.

The CD comes with a book of the texts of the included poems. There is another collection of poetry titled "Travelling On" that can also be ordered.

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