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Conroy Family First Annual Reunion News!!

It is amazing that our Reunion is finally in the works for sure!!! As you know it will be on August 4, 2007 at Liberty Lakes in Columbus N.J. and the cost of admission is $34.00 for adults, and $26.00 for children over 3.

There are very few who are not coming, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you, and especially some that I have not yet met, or who I have not seen for many years. It will be a day that I will never forget.

If any of you would like to volunteer to be in charge of games or contests, let me can have your own committee and figure out some prizes, etc.

As far as alcoholic beverages, I have come to the conclusion that each family should bring your own. It will be much less complicated, and then I will not have to add any additional charges to your tickets. They are permitted at the park, they just do not sell them there.

If anyone has any questions, or thoughts, please email me at and I will be glad to help you.

Please DON'T FORGET TO GET IN THE MONEY FOR YOUR ONE ADULT TICKET towards our deposit to hold the park for August 4.

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