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rememberance of being...

Artwork by Delville

some fear birds or things that can fly
anything that is holy make them tremble
my fear is curved by a curiosity of what goes on in the center of storms
i've heard there's a musician who knows everything about love
i've been split down the middle
my mind i've made like a cross to keep balance
sought after like diamonds limbs are lost over
today i will avoid clocks and make music a ritual
i will bath before and after i listen
i too am a musician
i only play by ear like i love
if i close my eyes i will loose balance
so i watched her in pieces fearing she would disappear
slowly, she broke apart
i offered to buy her luggage for the feathers she shed
she preferred old baggage
her energy gre more inconsistent like summer weather and 
period moods
she only felt beautiful around red flowers
i could only afford pink
they made her feel orange inside
like the sun setting
foreshadowing another day

a wise man once said, 'being in love is the best drug
for days you walk the streets making beatiful everything you touch
flowers fall from your pockets
horns play in your shoes
you feel immortal
God has passed through you 
and if for a moment you were 
and then for a moment God was you 
why deny it"? 
i replied, 
"i don't know 
i have never been in love" 
but now i know

2001 N'namdi Arinze

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