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Family Recipe Swap

To all you cooks, women AND men, email me your favorite family recipes and I will post them here on this page...Maybe someday we could have our own cookbook published so we could all have a copy! This is lots of fun because I know what having my recipes published several years ago meant to me, so keep those recipes coming! Judy Labriola of Oviedo, Florida!!

Appetizers, Main Dish & Side Dish Recipes

Loin Pork Roast Bennington from Joyce Moller:
Mexican Lasagna by Judy Labriola:
Judy's Stuffed Green Peppers from Judy Labriola:
Hash Brown Casserole from Judy Labriola:
Sweet Potato Yum Yum from Barbara Hornor:
Corn Pudding from Barbara Hornor:
Strawberry Bread from Chris Hoover Moore:
Tortilla Rolls from Chris Hoover Moore:
Scalloped Potatoes from Chris Hoover Moore:
Baked Cinnamon French Toast from Jackie Couch:
Meat Loaf from Jackie Couch:
Easy Pleasing Meat Loaf from Sharon Hoover:
Hearty Potato and Sausage Bake from Sharon Hoover:
Crockpot Fried Chicken from Sharon Hoover:
Barbecue from Judy McGinley & Jack Hornor:
Crab-Meat English Muffins from Judy McGinley & Jack Hornor:
Party Potatoes from Judy McGinley & Jack Hornor:
Dried Beef Dip from Judy McGinley & Jack Hornor:
Baked Pineapple from Judy McGinley & Jack Hornor:
Bacon / Egg / Cheese Casserole from Karen Willey:
Sesame Chicken from Karen Willey:
Wild Rice & Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Sauce from Karen Willey:
Beef Stroganoff from Bob Maier:
Rice Sausage and Apples from Bob Maier:
Cheese Soufflee from Bob Maier:
Baked Beans from Bob Maier:

Soups, Salads, Desserts, and Misc.

Marian's Vegetable Soup from Joyce Moller:
Crabmeat Remick with Mushrooms from Joyce Moller:
Long Beach Noodles from Joyce Moller:
Nana's Grape Salad from Joyce Moller:
Chocolate Surprise from Joyce Moller:
Pasadena Ice Cream Pie from Joyce Moller:
Crabmeat Canapes from Judy Labriola:
Jamiacan Banana-Rum Bread from Judy Labriola:
Cranberry and Orange Relish with Cointreau from Judy Labriola:
Brownie Caramel Walnut Pie from Judy Labriola:
Persimmon Pudding from Barbara Hornor:
Swedish Nut Cake From Barbara Hornor:
Grandma Pryor's Butterscotch Refrigerator Cookies from Barbara Hornor:
Tortilla Rolls from Chris Hoover Moore:
Creamy Cucumber Salad from Jackie Couch:
Mango Salad from Jackie Couch:
Spinach Salad from Jackie Couch:
Gazpacho from Jackie Couch:
Peach Bread from Sharon Hoover:
Lemon Lush from Sharon Hoover:
German Chocolate Pound Cake from Karen Willey:
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie from Karen Willey:
Molten Chocolate Cake from Karen Willey:
Stouch Tavern Caesar Salad from Mickele Crow:
Chicken Corn Soup from Michele Crow:
Chocolate Fudge from Bob Maier: