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Planets glittered like diamonds in the horizon.
Violins stroked the first chord, the harps soon followed. 
The clown grinned, “Shall we dance?”
So under the stars they danced.

The melancholy doves mourned atop green olive trees,
Around them Desolation abound. 
“A wise man died.” they cooed, 
And all the angels of Heaven wept golden tears.

Thoughts scattered like pedals before the wind, shattered
Like the silver-bright fragments of memories lost. 
They locked away the pieces in a golden box,
Threw away the key, danced away the years.

Sightless eyes watched as the seasons flew past;
Shadows crept by slowly on spider webs, bright in the moonlight.
Gray moths evermore pursued the flame, as the Phoenix
Turned to ashes with the dying sky. 

Kohl-eyed Death stalked through the midnight garden,
Curling soft fingers around the throat of Eternity.
Years slid by like quicksilver on frost. Then Death squeezed, gently. 
Time choked and thrashed with the knowledge of mortality. 

The dance is complete. All the melodies glided away
On dark wings silent as the night. 
Nothing stays; nothing lasts. 
Nothing is forever.

(c) 2004 By Phoebe Z.

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