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Announcing the Winner of the
First Annual Poetry Contest

Michael Pollick

Michael Pollick was born in Ohio in 1964, but has called Alabama his home for the past 15 years. His interest in poetry began at the age of 16, when his English teacher submitted his work to several anthologies and magazines.

Nearly twenty years later, his work has appeared in such magazines and journals as the Iconoclast, the Midwest Poetry Review, Elk River Review, HART, and the Vermillion Literary Project. His poem Pinaud's Tonic is included in a peace anthology entitled Will Work for Peace, edited by New York poet Brett Axel and featuring a virtual who's who of today's working poets, including Lyn Lifshin, Donald Hall, Martin Espada and Marge Pie Michael is happily married to his wife Amy, a news assistant for the local paper. He enjoys reading and critiquing poetry, so feel free to contact him at

I want to congratulate him on all his achievements, and also for his fine contribution to Euphoria, with his winning poem "Make believe Ballroom, and also for his new Website, called "Collateral Damage" which promotes his new CD, and tells you how to obtain one!

Visit Michael's Web Page, "Collateral Damage Report!"

"Make Believe Ballroom"

and when all that remains of
our dimestore dances are
scuffs on aching linoleum,
I shall consider you carefully,
and know that we were gods once.

this was how the Rockefellers
played it, all hot and close
enough to the bones;
we blew eight to the bar,
eight to the bar,
on blistered rugs and buckling
storeroom floors.

and you were all fierce reds
and polished whites,
clapping and surging with
the pulses of Dorsey,
whirling and crackling with
the promises of Miller,
turning and wailing with
the heat of the vacuums.

Today, I played the Dorsey
once more,
and as the needle danced
back and forth
on only a paper moon
only a paper moon
only a paper moon,
I heard the creaking
of the storeroom
boards, and for one
dying moment
you and I were spooning,
in the dust of
our makebelieve ballroom.


copyright 2000
Michael Pollick

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