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That Old Train...

That old train 

its still running through my mind
polluting my thoughts
weakening my passion:
I want it to break down;
to go off the track somewhere;
somewhere far, far away from me!

I want to walk freely in my mind
and not be dragged along the old ways,
however well-worn, however acceptable.
Im tired of beliefs that go nowhere;
of teachings that chase their tails;
of life purchased with death.

I want to see the real beauty surrounding me 
but that old train keeps clattering on
and me, still in the same old seat
watching the same old scenery go by.

An old man comes down the aisle 
and he sits beside me, smiling to himself:
he is not looking at the scenery 
in fact, he seems not to be on the train
for his eyes are clear and far-seeing.

He leans over and says to me: 
Wish all you want
but until you let go
the train wont stop
for you are not in control.

He lifted his arm and the train stopped 
I chose to jump off with him
and I found myself quite alone
in a quite alien land.

But at least the damned train
has stopped rattling in my head
and Im free to go my own way.

Sharran Windwalker

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