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Oh, So True...

                        As I grew up I learned that even the one
                        person that wasn't supposed to hurt me did.
                        I had my heart broken more than once
                        and it was harder every time.
                        I have broken hearts too, 
                        and I remembered how it felt 
                        when mine was broken.
                        I have fought with my best friend 
                        and I blamed a new love for the things
                        an old one did.

                       I cried because time is passing too fast
                       and I will eventually lose someone that I love.
                       So I will take too many pictures, 
                       laugh too much, and love like
                       I've never been hurt because,
                       every sixty seconds that I spend
                       upset is a minute of happiness
                       I'll never get back.

                       I will not be afraid that my life will end....
                       I will be afraid that it will never begin.

                       ©Marie Calhoun 2006

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