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Ocean Ballad


Out on the ocean,
Upon endless waves,
Where many a soul,
Found watery graves,
I sail on my ship,
Where water meets sky,
And hear the birds call,
A sharp piercing cry.

Iíve braved many storms,
Thatís threatened my life,
But always came through,
In spite of the strife.

An untamed being,
The sea is so wild,
Yet gentle and calm,
And meek as a child.

Each morning I watch,
The sun resurrect,
Itís soft glowing light,
On water reflect,
Each evening I see,
The sun sinking low,
Down in the deep blue,
My friend, not a foe.

Ruffling my hair,
The wind rushes by,
Heíll always be there,
Like a watchful eye.

A-splashing a spray,
Of salt on my face,
The Sea is laughing,
And rollís on with grace.

Iíve learned from the sea,
That she is my friend,
Her waters roll on,
And never shall end.

Sheís taught me to love,
The wind and the sun,
To cry when I hurt,
Or lose a loved one.

Sheís taught me to laugh,
To sing through the night,
To run when I feel,
That my heart is light.

Sheís taught me to calm,
My greatest fears,
To resume my life,
And wipe away tears.

The Sea is my friend,
And shall always be,
The deepest deep blue,
The untamed and free.

(c) Daniel Sears 2005

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