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"I Shall Not Weep...."

I shall not weep 
in sadness. 
Only tears of joy shall be shed. 
For the knowing of you - 
the touch of you 
the sight - the sound 
and face of you. 
Lingers, triumphantly. 
To shine brightly 
- onwards. 

Though this miss of you, 
turns streams to flood 
and soil to clay, 
beckons night descend 
in each 
long and lonely day. 
I shall not bend 
from your trust. 

And this loss of you 
shall not break 
our bond, 
or in sleep, 
in this life 
or the next. 
For the warmth of you 
still lingers on 
in empty rooms, 
sheds a pool of light 
to penetrate 
doubts and fears 
that may ferment. 

And the step of you 
the way of you 
the sighs - the dreams 
the spirit of you 
remains here - always. 

I shall not weep in sadness 
- for the loss of you. 
I shall weep 
for the very 
joy of you. 

Mick Goodson
Dec. 2000

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