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A New Path...

Artwork by Friedrich

I sit beside a crystal stream,
and I wonder:
why do I feel so unsure of my self, of my life
when on the verge of entering a new path?
A gust of wind moves a treetop
and deep in the blue sky an eagle soars;

it seems as if we touch in mind  
in whispered thoughts he seems to say  
"Everyone feels unsure, afraid,
thrusting out into the unknown:
try jumping from a nest with wings untried!
Just remember you asked for this path;
that your poetry would soar above the clouds.
New paths mean new experiences, new feelings,
strange faces, foreign tongues, unknown landscapes
altogether quite overwhelming at times:
let me reassure you: you are not alone!

I, Spirit Eagle, watch over you.
I understand your desire to fly
coupled with the fear to try.
When everything says: "Impossible"
know that the goal is within sight." 

(c) Sharran


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