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"Nature's Cradle"

Artwork by Braun

Those who cannot taste wonder
will never understand
that words bring life and clarity
to the beauty of the land.
Weeping willows shed their tears,
proud oaks stand tall,
nature shares her very heart
in the falling leaves of fall.
Pine trees reaching to the sky,
stars shining bright behind,
in deep woods of nature's cradle 
my lost spirit I can find.

Cover me with your silence
please allow my head to clear.
Cast out all the demons and
bring to still this mortal's fear.
Send me love and give me courage
as onward I will tread.
Let me read words of beauty 
until the day that I am dead.

For reasons I can't describe,
your touch heals my soul.
Grant me words of passion
that pure royalty I might extol.
My spirit is floating, 
suddenly I gain freedom on the wind.
Exhilarating the feeling 
when I no longer have to pretend.
Your charity is treasure 
in my small struggle to draw breath,
hold me close to your beauty 
until the day that I meet death.

 jcherr 07/21/2002

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