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Artwork is "The Muses"
Music is "Winter Etude"

for eros & agape (twins of love)

One line: Melpomene

From chaos and deceit…

Two lines: Thalia

…a life feeling stirred and a scent
of love rioted upon a gentling breeze…

Three lines: Euterpe

…birthing across rolling seasons,
caring not for hemispheres
nor burdening murmurs of improbability…

Four lines: Polyhymnia

…kiss, let us hold to the moment.
Let your hands stroke
my velvet embrace,
come, come closer, let me tell you…

Five lines: Terpsichore

…of my awakenings.
To footprint with you across sands
and dip toes into turquoise seas.
To awake with you in a rioting sunrise,
my heart resting upon your breast…

Six Lines: Clio

…let us beyond breaking dawn
romance the promise of hearts
and in our bodied twist,
drink our elixirs,
carouse Eros, sing under sugared agape.
Run, run with idyll devotions…

Seven Lines: Erato

…feeling you astride me
your wetness around me,
and our tongues exchanging serendipity.
I want to read you poetry whilst
seeking deep into your eyes,
and together have our senses
captured by angelic heart lutes…

Eight Lines: Urania

… in the calming sigh
after passion’s quest
where emotions have been sated
and desires swept,
comes the claim of Sibyl, 
two now as one.
In rainbow devotions
cresting the wake of our storming fulfilment…

Nine Lines: Calliope

…I don’t want to be just your lover
tigering in a quest of Madonna emotions.
I want to share with you gloom and sun
And romance long quietly at your side.
For each day when awakening
I should have you see wattle blooms,
hear the wash of ocean waves
devoting my being to your meaning
and chaos and deceit claim no more.

In Greek mythology, the Muses are the daughters of Zeus
and Mnemosyne, conceived after nine nights of love-making

(c) T.B. Lee

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