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"Being a Woman of Middle Years.."

Being a woman of middle years,
I do not bend quickly with the breeze.
I carry myself with discretion, borne 
of the years of my existence.

Being a woman of middle years
has taught me much;
The value of a smile,
to love my children,
to smile with my grandchildren.
I revel in their love,
sigh at their distress,
their tears are my tears.

Being a woman of middle years,
I have learned to love fiercely, 
to hate selectively,
To fight for what is right,
to hesitate, when I am not sure.
I have found that truth can balance 
precariously on tightropes stretched
over chasms of right and wrong. 

Being a woman of middle years, 
I have mellowed to sweetness,
that which was once bitter,
now love passionately, 
with what was once timid,
and have become a woman willing 
to gamble on tomorrow, with a soul
filled with hope.

Being a woman of middle years,
I value today,
for tomorrow might not come.


Copyright June 1998
Judith Anne Labriola

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