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The Color of Memory...

Artwork by Burr
Midi is "You Are"

                       Her bones rattle about in my brain,
                       nights when my mind is still,
                       reminding me of her presence,
                       after so many years...

                       I have tried to erase her,
                       stuffed the photos replaying
                       our days
                       into the deep
                       gullies of my soul.

                       Yet I still miss
                       the touch of her braiding
                       my unruly brown hair,
                       her violet scent,
                       fuchsia nails,
                       and her deep golden laughter
                       when I sat
                       at her feet for storytime,
                       stories now faded,
                       into the
                       purple haze of dawn.

                       Pris Campbell

                       In loving memory of my mother

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