Medicine Man...

medicine man, securely wrapped
in jungleís honored green
does this wind storm threaten peace
echo the primal scream
from sacrificial, concrete slab
where i am shackled tight
and will you risk a sacred foot 
upon that gray tonight?

medicine man, my body aches
to know its saviorís touch
the tender press of earth-stained hand
sweet mix of herbs and trust
i whisper incantations, soft
beneath moonís squinted eye
that she might lose cynical gaze
enlighten midnightís sky

medicine man, the cityís thick
with rituals of sin
but might your spirit part the air
retrieve me from within
with magic palm release the hold
of steel, on mind and wrists
the gentle laying on of hands
unclench tormented fists

my voice descends, heavy with prayer
into a hellish sleep
and is this but a dream to hear
your frantic, pounding feet?
is this sudden, tropic breeze
but spiteful demonís breath
or whirlwinds spun by mystic eyes
to lift me upward yet?

(c) SmokeDance 2004

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