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A Matter of Time

Artwork by Friedrich

     A Matter of Time

You may not know it
but I think of you often.
If I knew I had something
to offer you, I would have
lingered in your glow,
but knowing what life
holds for me made it
asier to walk away.
I am no longer brave
and doubt others integrity
because of those who walked
before you.

These days I prefer the
honesty of children,
and the intensity of their love..
even when they are brutally
honest, they are more kind than
most adults.

Forgive me for not staying long
enough to find out if you were
different than the rest.
Time is a commodity I no longer

Your time should be spent on
someone who has not been stripped
of trust and hope
Your time deserves someone
who can give you back the
blessings you deserve.

  Judith Anne Labriola

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