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About Marian Conroy Lawber

Marian Conroy Lawber, also knwn as "Mimi," lived her life by the book of her staunch Catholic faith. She was a pillar of St Paul's church in Burlington and growing up I recall her involved in many church activities and involving her family as well.

Joyce remembers Marian as a loving, spiritual mother and caregiver who encouraged her to always do her best, and who affirmed her work and motherhood.
Judy remembers Marian as a devoted mother and grandmother who always made sure her children were well provided for and who had a typically Irish sense of humor and shared this with family and friends through the years.

She had many friends and she and her sister Helen belonged to a circle of friends for years who played bridge and went on vacations together. We loved it when mother would have her turn for bridge club because we got to share in the wonderful refreshments she would prepare.

She bravely accepted her infliction of Crohn's Disease, and although she was frequently ill, she bore this illness patiently and lived her life as actively as possible. She drew much of her strength from the support of her wonderful husband, David and her sister, Helen.

Marian(deceased) had two daughters, M.Joyce Lawber Moller of North Brunswick NJ and Judith a. Lawber Labriola of Oviedo FL

Joyce Moller has two daughters, Andrea Green, of Plainfield NJ.
Andrea has two sons,
Hans Lindsey of Fort Lauderdale FL and
Joseph Roseberry of Bakersfield CA

And Christine Grady of East Brunswick NJ, who has one daughter, Gillian Blewett at home.

and Judith Lawber Labriola of Oviedo FL who has three children

David Willey(Karen) of Hummelstown PA who has two daughters, Alexis and Genna at home,

Linda Willey Mummau of Oviedo FL who has one son, Jordan Labriola, at home

Michele Willey Crow(Harold) of Harrisburg PA who has two children, Brent Crow (Danielle) of Sandiego CA and
Chantele Crow, at home.

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