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Midnight Low Down..

New York cabbies have a tale to tell
about condemned buildings and tenement hell,
where the Prozac mistress and the uptown man
sock it to the street any way they can.
So we'll rap a bit, about concrete decay,
about leather skylines, and cockroach play,
How the downtown ladies, with their bedroom eyes
pay for their crack by selling their sighs.
Take a ride with me where the Zoloft screams,
and the topless waitress takes a bus to Queens,
hear the reggae music, see the derelicts who smell,
watch the wasted lemmings wander off to hell.

If you want a disease, just take your pick,
Aids can be had with only a prick,
All makes and models of vice to choose,
all guaranteed to make you lose...

copyright June 1999
Judith Anne Labriola

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