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"Lonely is the Winter"

Lonely,is the winter,
when all your memories 
are gone.
Lonely is the winter
when every day drags on.
So many sideroads I have traveled,
so many roads that led back home.
So many stories I have written,
and all my endings turned out wrong.
If I could trade tomorrow,
for just one yesterday,
I know my life would now be different,
chapters filled with words I didn't say.
It's too late now to say them,
too late to turn back time.
It's time for going forward,
a time for different songs and rhyme.
So keep the homelights burning
just in case I lose my way,
but if I find some love on that lonely road,
I won't be home today.
copyright November 30,2000
Judith Anne Labriola

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