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The Man That Is The Boy That Was

Artwork by Delville

Wisdom to rock me on my heels,
spoken by a child with far seeing eyes
who did not even know
how much she said with so few words.
And so I consider a life
that speaks plainly of itself,
breathing, sharing, exposing
and yet the gordian knot
of the spirit within
remains untouched,
not known, perhaps never knowable.
Soflty spoken hints
that echo to the ear,
wry truth offered
by a soul too long viewing
a fun house mirror
and thinking this was real.
But even if my eyes have seen
an updated image of skin,
what i feel is a boy
with a buzz cut running
full out across a grass field
who wanted to shout
the truth of himself
to an eye watering summer sky
who wrapped himself in a coccoon of someday
and waits there,
eyes bright with wishes
and the blaze of every shooting star
deep inside the man that is,
awaiting the one he will someday be.

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