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About Judith Anne Labriola...

Judith Anne Labriola ("Judy") lives in Florida, but her home town is Burlington, New Jersey. She is divorced, the mother of three grown children and is raising her youngest grandchild, who is seventeen years-old. Judy laughingly says, "This is what keeps me young and still cooking!"

Although she has written all her life, the last eight years she has devoted all her time to writing poetry. Judy was a member of the Poetry Forum of the Microsoft Network until it was discontinued several years ago, and also belonged to the Poetry Forum of the Compuserve Network. She frequently posts in the Atlantic Monthly Poetry workshop, the Poet's Place Poetry Forum, the Cage Unhitched, and has been published in several anthologies of import, one of which was '95 Windows, An Unofficial Poetry Collection from the Microsoft Network, a commemorative book for the original Windows 95. In addition, her poetry has appeared in various publications, both online and off.

Judy was also named finalist in two of the Poetry Contests sponsored by Blue Mountain Arts in 2000, and was selected as a winner of a Poetry Contest held by Poet&Writer.Com in July of 2001 with her poem "The House on Union Street" which is featured in her Poetry Index. She has been a featured poet on Potpourri Romance Online and also had a poem titled "The Day Eve was Created" showcased by Fluid Ink Press, and is a featured poet at Burke's Hollow in their Writer's Showcase. At this time, she is writing her first dramatic novel titled "Some Mockingbirds Don't Sing"

Poetry Index

"The House on Union St.":
There Are Days...:
The Gazebo...:
Being a Woman of Middle Years...:
The Old Front Porch...:
The Last Bus Home...:
Sunflowers, a Villanelle...:
Looking Back...:
Let Me...:
I'll Never Speak a Word of This Aloud...:
In the Echoes of My Mind...:
To My Grandson...:
Beyond Tomorrow...:
Lonely is the Winter...:
Once Upon a Time...:
The Queen of Second Street...:
A Summer without Rain...:
The Room (New):
Quiet Time of the Heart (New):
You are a Vixen, Autumn... (New):
I Can't Remember the Color of Your Eyes...(New):
Where the Path Ends...(New):
Midnight Low Down...(New):
Winter Snapshots...(New):
On a Day Like Any Other Day...(New):
A Matter of Time...(New):
The Flag..... (New) :
A Poem for a Friend...(New) :
Dream Catcher...(New) 2007:
The Circus (New) 2007:

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