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About John S. Conroy, Jr.

John S. Conroy,Jr. originally intended to become a surgeon, but his family circumstances prevented him from fulfilling this intention. He then became the most popular physician in Burlington city, and for years he took care of almost all of the families there, and delivered their children.

Much of his tenure fell during the depression which found many families with little money, and sometimes not much food or other necessities that are needed for life. Mother told us stories of what uncle John would do when he made "house calls." The first thing he did was to look in their icebox to see if they had food, and then at their coal bin to see if they had coal, and if there was nothing there he would have food and coal delivered the same day.

I sometimes think that he was the prototype for Marcus Welby but even better and I am so proud he was our uncle...

I remember him coming to see me when I was little and he always had the most wonderful peppermints in his pocket which he bribed me with to let him give me a shot for whatever...(I had a bad habit of getting underneath beds when he came to do this)

I think of him often and wish he was still here to give me advice as he did when I was a preteen approaching adolescence. I am sure he is in heaven still watching over his family and loving us all as he did in life.

John had three children, Robert,(deceased) Lois(deceased) and John Conroy 111(deceased)
Robert Conroy had children

John Conroy 111 had one son, John Conroy 1V of Rancocas NJ who has two children,
Megan and Alex at home

John Conroy1V:

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