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About James Conroy...

I am sure that any who knew "Jim" Conroy loved this larger than life man. He was well traveled and entertained the family with the pictures he took of the places he visited. I vividly recall the pictures he took at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. What a wonderful memory that was for him.

He was a man of strong beliefs and principles which he practiced in his daily life. He was the first person in Moorestown, NJ to integrate the restaurant section of his drug store, and he and his wife, Emma, withdrew from purchasing a home in Medford Lakes, NJ, when they found out that the development did not allow negros to purchase a home there.

He gave 100% of himself in everything he pursued in life, and retired to the Bennington, VT area, where he quickly was recognized for all the contributions he made to that community also.

He was a generous husband, father and uncle. His memory is etched in all our hearts.

James had one daughter, Janet(deceased) who had three sons.

Douglas, (deceased)
Robert of Monaca PA, who remembers his mother as being strong and fun to be with-
Clark of Fairfax Station VA, who has 2 children,a daughter Margo Kimberly Maier (age 14) and a son Raleigh Louis Maier (age 12)

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