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Hidden From View...

Walking upon a steep path,
past tall, brooding evergreens,
I come upon a sunlit meadow
alight with blooming anemones.

Here I stop to rest and ponder.
Across a small green valley
rises the rugged mountain
I dared myself to climb;
its bleak, silent peak hidden
in a bank of ominous grey clouds.
As I consider this climb
in forbidding terrain,
a gust of summer wind whispers:
"There will always be things
along the road of life
which are not clear, or create fear
but don't let your doubts
undermine a winning hand.
Though your eyes may not see
the path unwinding
or the obstacles strewn along the way,
there is a part of you that always knows:
trust that knowing, for it knows
the ways hidden from the senses.
Let inner wisdom guide you
and you will surely arrive
at the proper destination." 

(c) Sharran

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