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About Helen Conroy-Hoover...

This spot is reserved for a photo of "Huda" as we affectionately called her.

Claire has very fond memories of her, Cathie and Connie playing in the wash-house on Broad Street growing up - Billy, Bob and Bud too. - Nana always took everyone to Aunt Mimi/Uncle Dave's beach house at 38 Lincoln Ave, every summer, and didn't return home until the day before school - they were all beach bums!
- Uncle Bud always got up real early every morning and would "tear ass" (mom's words!) to the beach, but Nana wouldn't allow him to go into the water until she woke up later and got there. He was good buddies with all the lifeguards.
- very fond memories of the band who lived in the downstairs part of the beach house, and them playing all summer - many people would dress up formally to dance to their music - Uncle Bud taught Me and aunt Bibi how to "bypass the ticket system" for the carousel by jumping onto it when it was going full speed! - Nana always made the best rice pudding while they were growing up

Judy's personal memories of "Huda" is that she was my "other mother" and when I was growing up there was nothing I liked better than staying overnight at her house and eating her "bird in the Nest" eggs that to this day I cannot copy! I also remember the essence of her perfume which was "Toujour Moi" which remains my favorite perfume also!

Kathy Kelly Devlin remembers her grandmother as being feisty and funny and also says her granmother made the best rice pudding in the world and misses her!

Helen Conroy Hoover had three children, Elizabeth Hoover Cherubini(Beebe)(deceased) who had three children

Lee Cherubini(Donna) of Delran NJ who has three sons;
Scott, of
Jeff of
James of

and two daughters
Nora of and
Amelia of

Judi Cherubini of Port St. Lucie FL and

Renee Cherubini Cugliotta(Joseph) of Southhampton NJ who has 4 children,
Jesse(to be married on 6/2/07)
all at home
Renee's fondest memories of her mother are of her paintings, and her love of her children and grandchildren and also of her dogs Schultzie and Otto. Summers at Long Beach Island also brought back many memories of her mother's love of the ocean.

Howard Hoover Jr(Mary)(both deceased) who had four children:

Chris Hoover Moore of Orlando, Fl, who has two chileren,
Katie, and Kevin, at home
Chris remembers her dad as a father who always put his children first, and she misses him a lot!

James Hoover(Sharon) of Lancaster, Pa, has four children,
Matthew 21
Michael 27
Mark 16
(engaged to be married 11/07
Jim's fondest memories are of his humor and personality
in general

Thomas Hoover(Peggy) of Ashville, NC has two children
Nicholas and

Kathy Hoover Silo(Kevin)of Wallingford, CT who has two children
Tommy and
Kathy's fondest memories of her dad are summers at the Jersey shore.

And M.Claire Hoover Kelly(Leo) who has seven children

Kathy Kelly Devlin (John) of Mount Laurel NJ
Michelle Kelly Murray (Dennis) of Westhampton NJ
Beth Kelly Kennedy(Joseph) of Brighton, MA
Beth remembers her mothers never-ending supply of chicklets growing up

Leo Kelly of Burlington NJ
Jacqueline Kelly Couch (Kevin) of Cinnaminson NJ has two children,
Aidan and
Jackie has fond memories of her mother taking her with her to her job as a school nurse, and also their vacations on Long Beach Island. Jackie says she is the "best mom ever" and that she had such a carefree childhood thanks to her mom!!

Theresa Kelly Terzano (Gene)of Mount Laurel NJ who have one child
Nancy Kelly Cordisco (Mike) Of New Hope, Pa

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