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Frozen moments like icicles upon a tree
Holding important memories to be retrieved
Vacuums of emotion where none can see
Trailing behind you like a comet running free
Daylight is a smile when shone upon your face
Giving others hope in the gray light of day
A sparkle in your eyes like stars come to stay
Gives live the view of dolphins happily at play
A breath of music when sincerity is from the soul
Calling out your truth upon life you can be bold
And the hand in friendship instead of a fist
Brings peace for tomorrow not bodies we must list
Choices are like sand a infinite way to go
But the reflections of our choices a future we will sew
And as the tree of life branches across the steam of time
Many pathways lead to nowhere for some alleys are blind
Yet the knowledge that we gain upon the street we call life
Will gives us wider perspectives of others views of time
And so we stroll the halls ways of which all people tread
Thinking things of newness within our life long bed
And the days the do so weather the soul we wear each day
To make our mark on destiny in a simple life we play.

W/By Guy dan Schuyler

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