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"The Guilded Path"

Oh touch my eyes with your cool hand
come rest my troubled brow.
So deep within your honesty,
nothing can harm me now.

Oh love, oh pure, such tender heart,
come see as I race the wind.
Bring comfort to cleanse my soul,
my turbulent life you have pinned.

Oh shelter me, come guard me true,
come raise my spirit high.
Exalt me in this warmth you bring,
all pain fades in your sigh.

Oh those I touched along the way,
sweet moments that fade to dust,
soft whispers lost inside a storm,
in you now I place all trust.

Oh fears I hold of the vast unknown,
come guide me along your path.
Make yourself a companion to me,
for soon I may breathe my last.

Oh heaven calls, your voice I hear,
carried high on wings of love, 
to be welcomed in, and sanctified
by angels as I rise above.

Oh home, oh home, I hear them call,
beckoning as I draw near.
I give up my spirit to your grace,
and tread at last without fear.

Oh take my gifts of life and blood,
come breathe on  my becalmed sea.
I surrender now all I once held,
let just my name remain of me.

(c)  Mick Goodson

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