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When God Sleeps...

Artwork by Feure
Midi is "Stuck in the Middle"

                           When God sleeps,
                           green birds flap wildly
                           over yesterday's seas
                           proving Einstein correct
                           in his interminable ramblings.
                           Mick Jagger quotes Shakespeare badly
                           to broken hearts hanging,
                           in musty caves lurking
                           beneath Lover's Leap

                           Atlantis arises,
                           reveals forbidden secrets;
                           What really killed the dinosaurs?
                           Was Garbo ever in love?
                           Did Rhett return to Scarlette?
                           Monroe finally tells--
                           Suicide or too many sleeping pills?

                           You and I clasp hands
                           claim tomorrow's kisses,
                           sent twenty-four hour delivery,
                           arrival time--today.

                           Pris Campbell
                           copyright 7/23/2001

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