God's Intention...

I brought a person an apple
they sold it for a dime
I gave a person a dollar
they went out and bought some wine
I bought a person a meal
they ate every last scrap
Then they robbed and beat my body
turning my view to crap

Now I ignore the helpless
I pass a bleeding man
I read within a paper
he died near a telephone stand
I went to church to pray to God
asking what I should do
The answer stared me in the face
a hungry child of two

Good deeds are not for reward
nor is there pleasure gained
It is to help those less fortunate
to give them hope again
We all run into people
who think the world owes them their dreams
They take with abandon
never cherishing anything
Others lives are nothing to those
where possessions are the game
Their lives will remain empty
for none will trust them again

Travel clear and righteous paths through life
choosing the direction from within
Giving charity towards others
for the selfish way that won't bend
So look for smiles within sad faces
they are there for all to see
The only ingredient lacking
is the caring smile from you and me.

W/By Guy Dan Schuyler
Cr. 12 November 1999

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