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"The Gazebo"

I will always remember the 
summer evenings we lingered 
in the gazebo at the Civic 
Center before it closed. 
The fragrance of roses laid 
heavy on the humid summer 
air, and I recall watching 
the insects cluster around 
the lanterns, obscuring their
light, and how 
valiantly you took out your
handkerchief to wipe my brow. 
Oh, the languor that filled
me at your touch. 

I miss those gentle arms 
that held me so often through 
the years.
How I wish I could feel them 
again, but I am alone now
as summers come and go. 

The gazebo is still standing, 
surrounded by sculptured
ornamental shrubs, iris, and 
gladiolas, and sometimes, with 
no one aware, I go in and run
my fingers over the message that
you carved,
the one that said
         we'd never  part...

copyright July 2000 
Judith Anne Labriola 

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