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Euphoria's Fifteen Finalists in the 2008 Contest

As usual, we had a large turnout for our contest.  It amazes me how

many incredibly talented folks enter Euphoria's Poetry Contest

each year.

It is so difficult for us to sift through all your entries, read 

each and every poem, and sort, and re-sort, until we finally narrow

it down to one winner.

Each year I have a special page for the fifteen finalists of the

contest, who I feel should be recognized for submitting excellent


I am sure you all know that this contest is a labor of love for me,

and each year I am rewarded with all your thoughts and talent.

I hope that you all continue to year might just be

YOUR year to win...Until then, I remain,  Judith Labriola

The Fifteen Finalists are:

1 Adam Alcock


3. Carisa D. Allen

4. Carole Conner Davis

5. Cristina Perruccio

6. Deepanjolie Sonya Figg

7. Diana Woodcock

8. Don Bloch

9. Gary Beck

10.Georgia Freedman

11.Jacqueline Seewald

12.Jennifer Hu

13.Jennifer Moore

14.Lauren Jacobs

15.Saiyed Danish Jamal

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