Dream Catcher...

When it is night, and there is
no light to filter through your
feathers, I imagine I hear drums
sounding in the distance.
A breeze gently sways you
to and fro and I wonder what
dreams you've caught for me.

Will you take me as a young girl
to the man I truly love, and who
loves me. It is obscene to
become a faded memory wrapped
in crinkled paper, and tossed away
like yesterdays news.

Oh dream catcher, let our hearts
forget the years, and dwell on love.
Let us realize that time is our enemy
and happiness is our friend.
I will hang you in my window 
and let the moon shine on you and
fall asleep watching you spin your 
spell of dreams, for tomorrow
will come at daybreak, but tonight
I'll be with him.

(c) Judith Anne Labriola
December 31, 2005

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