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David Henry David Henry was born in Gunnedah, a small country town in NSW, Australia in 1936. He grew up there except for a stint at Dee Why, a suburb of Sydney, where he lived with his mother and sisters during WW2 while his father was away at the war. Most of his time has been spent in and around Gunnedah, working in the agricultural industry. He and his wife Beverley had their own farm for 30 years just east of Boggabri. Other than writing, his interests are flying - he holds a pilots licence, classical music, shooting, his family of course, and the odd product of the grape or malt. He only started writing seriously five years ago and has had aviation safety articles published in a national magazine, some feature articles in the local press and has won prizes in hort story competitions. His poetry is regularly recited over both the national and commercial radio stations in his local area.

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It is with regret that I inform everyone that David Henry, our good friend and an excellent poet, passed away last october, 2003 after a lengthy illness. I will miss him a great deal, but know that he is in a much better place, and has taken his golden words to another world where he will also be appreciated as he was here. Goodbye old will always have a place in my heart.

Always your friend, Judy